Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary Inc.

A picture is worth a thousand words; let me share my novel with you.

Because Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary Inc. is a
recognized non-profit organization we depend on animal lovers like you to help us continue saving animals and providing nessisary medical care, food and housing. All donations are guaranteed to go directly to the animals well being. Thank all who continue to support our efforts to save lives and provide loving care for animals in need.

All charitable donations can be made directly to:
Safe Haven Farm
630 Outlook Ave.
Cheshire, MA 01225


Safe Haven Farm is a federally registered non-profit domestic and farm animal rehabilitation Sanctuary in Cheshire Ma. We are very proud of our commitment to Safe Haven, fueled by our life long love and compassion for ALL animals, no matter the size.

Per MASS 321 CMR 2.13 it is unlawful to possess wildlife for the purpose of rehabilitation without first obtaining a valid Massachusetts State Wildlife Rehabilitation Permit.
The MDW maintains a referral list of trained licensed wildlife rehabilitators. Do not attempt to treat or raise a wild animal yourself; it’s illegal. Call a licensed wildlife rehabilitator immediately and follow their instructions. All species are different in their capture, care and handling requirements. If you are not properly trained, you could make their situation worse or kill them. If handled improperly, animals may lose their natural fear of humans and become more vulnerable to predation or injury. These animals are referred to as “imprints,” a condition often irreversible, and which dooms the animal to euthanasia.